Please download and play any game for free. All we ask is that you let us know about any glitches or things that you want to see changed. If there is any program you would like us to create just call or email us. If you enjoy these programs please tip us so we can continue supporting them. ⇒

  • Javascript Date Format

    A javascript polyfill for formatting a Date object into a readable string.
    UPDATED 5/11/14

  • jCanvas IDE

    A little script I wrote to help with jCanvas functions.
    UPDATED 7/22/13

  • Password Algorithm

    You won't have to remember another password.
    UPDATED 6/7/13

  • PWS

    This is an offline web application that saves your username and passwords in your browsers local storage.
    UPDATED 6/7/13

  • Android Translator

    This tool translates your entire strings.xml file to other languages using google translate fast and easy
    UPDATED 8/29/11

  • Download Ten Thousand

    This is an application for the Android OS. This program is just like Farkel.
    UPDATED 11/23/10

  • Download Password Keys

    This is an application for the Android OS. This program is just like Passwords.
    UPDATED 11/23/10

  • Download jQuery OutlineLetters PluginOutline Letters Screen Shot

    This is a jQuery plugin that outlines letters in a paragraph
    UPDATED 6/1/13

  • Download BingoBingo Screen Shot

    If you are trying to play bingo but don`t have a bingo board. Try using this it randomly generates bingo balls and records which ones have already been called.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download FarkelFarkel Screen Shot

    A high-scoring, high-intensity game of dice for 2-6 players.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download FootballFootball Screen Shot

    Just like the hand held Mattel Football game with three difficulty levels.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download LightsOutLightsOut Screen Shot

    A game of lights out. Try to get the entire screen black.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download Manypoint Merit Badge Roster

    This is the Excel Merit Badge Roster for Manypoint Scout Camp created by Dan Henry and modified by Tony Brix for any Merit Badge

  • Download PasswordsPasswords Screen Shot

    Store your passwords in this program. It encrypts the passwords so no one can find them except the person that knows the password to get into your vault.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download Poker HandPoker Hand Screen Shot

    This is a program I started when trying to make a poker game. This program tells you the best 5 card hand out of seven cards.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download ScrambleScramble Screen Shot

    This program generates the words for the game Scramble on facebook. just like the game Boggle.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download Solitaire++Solitaire++ Screen Shot

    Solitaire++ Show moves to make sure you didn`t miss any. Get a hint. Undo as many times as you want to. Best of all...
    Add your own picture as the back of the cards!!. Ya!! (And the crowd goes wild)
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download SoundManager

    This program sets wav sound files to the F keys so you can have your own sound board on your computer.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download SudokuSudoku Screen Shot

    With this program you can generate Sudoku puzzles to play whenever you want. You can also solve Sudoku puzzles if you get stumped by the newspaper`s Sudoku puzzle.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download VocabVocab Screen Shot

    Study vocabulary using definitions and synonyms.
    UPDATED 10/18/09

  • Download WinMineWinMine Screen Shot

    This program is just like MineSweeper.
    UPDATED 10/18/09